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Massoud Residences

Jordan - Abdoun

The Masoud residence, a modern minimalist rooftop apartment in Abdoun overlooks East Amman. If you are a true Ammani, you know that it doesn’t get more heavenly than watching the sunset over our city with a cup of Turkish coffee. ID turned Masoud’s rooftop apartment into a double volume duplex, including high-ceilings, open-concept elements, and a rooftop garden with an outdoor Jacuzzi.

ID understood that an apartment like this one makes a statement without having to say much, and we were not afraid to design with simplicity. Simplistic design with charming elements and a pop of color, along with a minimalistic approach contributed to making this project truly special. Minimal partitioning was used creating a transparent plan, with a light stair structure connecting the two floors. The open duplex matched perfectly with the client’s needs for creating a living space that felt like home. A space that is unique, free, and comfortable.