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Dana Badran Clinic

Jordan - Amman

ID redefined the concept of a traditional clinic with Dana Badran's Clinic project. We changed the stressful and hectic experience of visiting a clinic, which everyone avoids and dreads, to an experience that relaxes the patient with an unconventional choice of design.

While developing the design, branding, color choice, and materials for Badran's dermatology clinic we opted for a spa-like interior. This choice of design was far from trivial and dove into the essence and functionality of a clinic. The design of the clinic played into the doctor-patient relationship, and transformed what a patient truly needs from a doctor. A desk is taken out of the equation, and two identical chairs are placed for the doctor and the patient, creating a comfortable environment, and contributing to the establishment of a trusting relationship that caters to the patient's needs with the utmost care.